About Hawaiian Dave's Cool Bus Shaved Ice

Hawaiian Dave's Shaved Ice is Celebrating 25 Years of Cold.

It all started in 1986 when 14 year old Robert David Montgomery opened Dave's Hawaiian Snow Cones in New Boston, Ohio. Selling from a push cart, Dave built himself, he sold shaved ice to the local neighborhood kids and even some adult kids too.


In 1994 Dave became "Hawaiian Dave" and started his mobile concession business and traveling to several fairs and festivals throughout Ohio.


Dave purchased his "bus" in the fall of 2009 and in 2010 converted the bus into a mobile food service unit and operated in several events that fall. Dave's bus is now "The Cool Bus" ready to serve Shaved Ice to all those who have a Craze for Hawaiian Dave's Icy Cold Delicious Shaved Ice.


Mindy is looking forward to serving Hawaiian Dave's Shaved Ice from the Cool Bus and beginning a new aspect of their business. Mindy invites you to consider Hawaiian Dave's Cool Bus Shaved Ice The Cool Bus for your next Party, Special Event or Fundraiser and look forward to serving you.

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